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Tudor Replica

The Golden Hand Award was given to Tudor Replica FB 1, the first piece from the newly established brand named after the legendary horologist of the 18th century. The first watch from the newly established brand named after the legendary 18th-century horologist is a clear demonstration of its technical excellence. Tudor Replica is an understated watch that is housed in a gold octagonal housing. The sides of the housing have portholes. It is equipped with a hand-wound tourbillon movement, which uses a chain and fuse transmission system suspended from the ceiling to ensure constant force. It also has a special power reserve system and winding system that adds to its complexity. The Tudor Replica FB 1 comes in two limited series, each consisting of 50 pieces. Each one costs around $214.550.

Tudor Replica has become a rising star in the world of watchmaking after its first piece won the Grand Prix d'Horogerie de Geneva this year. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is the man behind the novel brand. He is a powerful figure in the watchmaking industry and is also a co-President at Chopard. Scheufele founded Tudor Replica in the past year, and named it after legendary watchmaker Ferdinand Berthoud of the Age of Enlightenment. Berthoud, a legendary figure with his roots in the Neuchatele canton (replica wathces), is one of the main reasons. Berthoud was born in 18th-century France and created the most accurate marine chronometers for the French Navy.

Ferdinand Berthoud's heritage is evident in every aspect of the award-winning watch. The design of FB 1's case is based on the gimbals used in olden days to set the time. The outer part of the watch is octagonal, while the inner part is cylindrical. The case-band has four portholes which are watertight and allow the wearer a glimpse of some of the most impressive features of the movement. These include the constant force module, the power reserve mechanism and the casing.

The Caliber FB.T.FC, a manually wound mechanical Caliber with a low frequency of 3 Hz, is the basis for the entire piece that won the Golden Hand Award. The caliber has been designed, developed, and manufactured entirely in-house. The caliber comprises more than 1,200 components. The constant force mechanism chain is made up of a large number of parts. It is suspended to save space. The differential gear is also custom-made. It's designed and made by hand, with great precision.

The proprietary caliber also features a differential winding system and a suspended mobile cone power-reserve system. The systems were developed over several years but have proven their value with a movement that has been certified for chronometric precision and reliability throughout its 53-hour power reserve.

The tourbillion with direct-drive seconds is another great innovation in the movement.Tudor Replica Watches A large seconds hand, unusually attached to the 67-part tourbillion, requires a lot of energy to tick accurately. This is why the power reserve only lasts 53 hours.